Monday, June 8, 2009


Attention! I have found another NEW stardollar cheat! If you log into your account twice or more under different computers, you'll get another stardollar for stardollar per day! When I logged into my stardoll account at the library, it said I had 204 stardollars. When I went to a different computer and logged in, it said I had 205 stardollars! As again, I went to another computer, it said I had 206 stardollars!!! I find this cheat so cool! Don't believe me? YOU TRY IT! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Have You Noticed??? -Post ONE

I'm going to start a new feature on my blog called 'Have You Noticed?'. It's where I take things from Stardoll that seem odd, strange, or just plain weird. I will have one Have You Noticed post per week. This is the FIRST POST of Have You Noticed.

Have You Noticed??? - Post ONE

Have you noticed that all of the Play and Earn games are all just repeats of other Stardoll games??

- Style Memory = Dressup Memory

- Celeb SnapShot = Paparazzi

- Celeb Quiz = Celeb Guess


FINALLY! A new Play&Earn Game!

Today, a new Play and Earn game as approached. It's called 'Celeb Quiz'. So, its just a repeat of the other Stardoll game, 'Celeb Guess'. But, the dolls are even HARDER to guess. I felt like a clown trying to guess the Sarah Jessica Parker face!

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Loop-Hole?!

such*a*poser, known for changing club pictures, making multiple clubs and scamming, has uncovered a new Stardoll secret; Selling items for MORE than 60 Stardollars!

I was amazed at how she was able to sell items for a whopping 1,000 stardollars! I think this "glitch" would be good instead of making people bid on rares, when they could just get them in the bazaar. But, knowing her, I highly doubt it she will share this secret.

Oh yeah, she has also maximized her medoll, I mean, REALLY

I'm not sure if she wanted everyone to see her medolls breasts, or if she was showing off her vintage Chanel necklace, but it's still another secret she has managed to unlock.What do you think? Will someone be able to squeeze this information out of her?...Hopefully!

Is Stardoll just getting lazy?

Have you noticed??

All of the newest Superstar dolls are...CRAP! They aren't made well AT ALL. I mean, the faces of the bodies are fabulous. But the clothes? Seriously...Most of the clothes are repeats. And shall I mention the noses and hands? Yup. Look at one of the new Superstar dolls below.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dolly Prom 2009: Fashion Report

I'm going to give an overview on the good, bad, and plain ugly!

<---- I just love the black and white shirt!
I'm wearing it right now!

<---- One word for those gloves....

<---- That blue skirt is just umm...
too puffy!

Extra Credit: If you see anybody wearing these items on Stardoll, notify me ASAP! They will be featured in this blog!

Play & Earn...Glitch?!

Have you noticed that there has only been 2 games every since the Play and Earn games have came out? As you can see...there are more games 'Coming Soon'. But hasn't it been like that from the start? So, I really wonder when theres going to be some NEW games!!