Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stardoll April Hotbuys!

Have you seen the new Hotbuy's for April? There actually better then usual. Although there are a few weird pieces...
Fur vest- It's alright. But I wouldn't dare wear it in real life. It would look cute if you pulled it off right.
Pink Printed Dress- Its a pretty cool looking dress. I'm not really liking how shiny it is though.
Colored Heels- These shoes are ah-mazing! I just love them! I especially love the print!
Bow Handbag- This hangbag is pretty cute looking. I would look good if you were wearing a sundress.
Blue Dress- I love this dress! I like the color and the off-shoulder look.
Printed Skirt- One word...EW.
Pink Blazer- It looks ugly at a first glance, but pretty at a second glance.
Brown Tunic- I mean...its okay. You would have to be a huge fashionista to pull this 'thing' off.
Beaded Necklace- This is my favorite piece out of all the Hotbuys! I just love the beads and the colors!
Rose Headband- Its ugly...its pretty...I like it.


  1. lol :D:D cute bag though................

  2. i just wanna say that ur blog is awesome and nice job of keeping it up2date :)

  3. omg these hotbuys are so cute.x

    are they the new 1s omg i lurv the necklace
    cant wait to buy them xx


    - btw lurv the medoll

  4. that a safety pin on the shirt??

  5. I like the neckalace and the brown shirt with te saftey pin on it!

  6. o ea it is a safty pin lol.x? ok random

  7. i love everthing
    i cant wait to buy them!

  8. everthing is sooo pretty!

    i just wanna buy all of them!
    i just cant wait to buy them :)

  9. but the most one i like iis the safty pin shirt !
    thats the most one i like
    it was hard to choose cuz thay all r soo pretty!

  10. i luv ur blog
    everthing is so cool!
    i love the bag the safty pin shirt everthing!

  11. hey can u change ur name on this?
    cuz i want my name kristin-98 or krissy or kristin :)

  12. Love all of them SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!


  13. I say the necklace is cute!

  14. thank you for choeses me!
    im gonna send u ss gifts
    vote u as covergirl and everthing
    ur the best!