Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Co.nr Websites on the loose!

We give you the 411 on the stardoll co.nr hacking/scamming websites!

Internet is very helpful in some situations, and very dangerous in others. The same with Piczo. If you never heard about it, Piczo/co.nr is a website that helps you build semi-professional websites for free. Lots of Stardolls use co.nr/Piczo to create Stardoll fansites; one of the best known HotBuys based website, Hot Buys Heaven (currently on a hiatus), are on Piczo. Sadly, some Stardolls use Piczo/co.nr to hack näive users with the promise of HotBuys, Superstar or StarDollars. I found a co.nr site thats easy to fall for:

- teststardoll.co.nr: The site looks so much like the real Stardoll (the doll advertisement even changes when refreshing the page), young users could be fooled and put their passwords on it.

Other reasons:
-There are Piczo Advertisements, that shouldn't show if it really was Stardoll.
- Websites like Stardoll never use Piczo. They pay for professional webdesign.
- When you click anything from "Your Stuff", "Shortcuts" and "Information", on the bottom of the page - it just sends you back to teststardoll.co.nr! The same happens when clicking the top bar.

Don't "Log In" on this fake StarDoll, or if you already did, change your password immediatly!

Stay tuned for more updates on the co.nr websites!


  1. Yea they always have those things.

  2. oh cool. this is verry informintive!